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View Diary: Campaign finance reform: A better political system depends on better judges (74 comments)

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  •  I'm dismayed at the little coverage in Kos on this (9+ / 0-)

    My computer was down for about a week and when I had a chance to log on and search there was little about the issue. Perhaps I'm not surprised that when I receive my polls from the DSCC and similar about what we want them to fight for in congress that public funding is not even on the agenda. For all the hand wringing about corporate influence and such around here one would think that aggressive public financing would be one of the top 3 to 5 issues ever discussed here. That you'd see it raised in diaries several times a week. It is key to most of the reforms we'd like to see in this country: giving those that govern the keys to free themselves from moneyed interests. Yet most liberals don't seem to have a clue to how important it is.

    We need more and different challenges to this and even to the ridiculous notion that money = 'free' speech. But we need Republican-like focus on the issue, to obtain such relief from the powers of the public pocket book and then to turn it into a third rail of politics. Surprisingly, this should be a bi-partisan issue among the grass roots, but the GOP will never attempt to bring it to the fore. And for some good reason; I believe most Democrats would easily weather the change much better than the corporatist attack dogs on the right.

    I believe this issue, if we tirelessly rally around it, would give the Democratic party a focus towards a more progressive system. We are truly screwed up not to leapfrog this issue ahead of most others we have. And so long as we do NOT make it clear to Washington that this must be at the top of the list, we will continue the decline in electing progressive candidates who truly would modernize the New Deal and bring fairness back into our national politics and discourse.

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