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View Diary: Campaign finance reform: A better political system depends on better judges (74 comments)

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  •  What's intersting (3+ / 0-)
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    Tommy Allen, luaptifer, Farlfoto

    is that Democrats have to choose moderate nominees for the court in order to have a prayer of getting them confirmed, yet when the Republicans are doing the nominating, the Democrats allow extremists to get on the court.

    Why is that?

    And this is going to be the most likely scenario anyway, IMHO. We are probably looking at a clean sweep for the Republicans in 2012 which is just unbelievable after the complete crash and burn of their party under Bush.  But the Democrats have thoroughly blown it.  They forgot who they are.  There is not enough daylight between the parties now and given the chance, right-wingers are going to vote for real Republicans, not a bunch of phony ones.

    With no significant improvement in their lives and many who are in much worse situations than they were two years ago, it will be another throw the bums out election.  And even though the Democrats act like the Republicans are running the show, the people know who is in charge and that is who they are going to throw out.  

    Not enough people from the base understand how important the SCOTUS is and that is not a strong enough reason to get them out in strong enough numbers and it isn't enough to get the Independents out.

    At least that is the way it looks to me with no chance or significant improvements in the economy before 11/12.

    •  " But the Democrats have thoroughly blown it." (0+ / 0-)

      They have a history of that.
      They wait for the Repubs' to shoot themselves in the foot...and they inevitably do..., then, fail to take advantage of it.
      Anyone, here, familiar with the campaigns of most Union generals in the Civil War understand this and can sympathize with Lincoln.
      When they're down; don't let up.

    •  I disagree. The Tea Party is a slow motion... (1+ / 0-)
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      ...trainwreck. A lot of their policy proposals are meeting with strong resistance. The Dems would be smart to stand up to them, if nothing else to drive a wedge between them and the Neocons. We had some really strong activism in Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota... If we build on these we could be stronger.

      If Obama stays true to his word on letting tax cuts expire in 2012 and closing loopholes, with the help of congress in this budget he may start to invigorate Democrats. Like him or not, we need to focus on a more progressive congress and putting him back in office. The supreme court alone should unify us and make us fight. We also need some champions on campaign reform to do around this court, or challenge it in the meanwhile.

      We have a good chance for picking up steam in the next year and a half, especially if the economy continues onward as slow as it is.

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