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    As a lot of you know, I r 1. Over thirty years now. I'm a minimal makeup Auguste/Hobo and act shy at first greeting so as not to scare kids. But sometimes things go south real fast. A few years a go, I was hired to do a Kindergarten end of school show for about twenty little ones in a class room.

    I walked in and everyone was delighted except for one kid in the back who was very unsure of the situation. The meet and greet went well but I made a goofy gesture or something to start the show and the kid in the back lost it and started screaming. Then to my horror, the chain reaction started and I had twenty kids freaking out, crying, screaming and heading to the back of the room. I recovered by acting shy and sad and some of the kids took pity on me and things got back to normal somewhat. But wow, what a lesson. NO SUDDEN MOVES!

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