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    a salt water monetarist, a neoKeynseian and and a Free trader. He is politically liberal but economically he is well within the fold of the Fed. He just wants to see some stimulative effort. Here are some actual progresssive economists:

    James K Galbraith

    Robert Kuttner

    Jeff Faux

    Anybody at the Economic Policy Institute or Writing about economics for "American Prospect" or "The Nation" magazines.

    In fact there are entire schools of Economics, including Keynseians and Marxists, who consider the debt discussion to be entirely fraudulent. Jamie Galbraith's dad, John Kenneth Galbraith, wrote a book on the assumptions behind it called "Innocent Fraud". He called it innocent because most of them actually believe it even when it fails over and over again.

    "If I pay a man enough money to buy my car, he'll buy my car." Henry Ford

    by johnmorris on Sun Jul 03, 2011 at 01:50:47 PM PDT

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