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View Diary: Should the Gov't. Balance Budget Like Families Do? (121 comments)

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  •  Yeah, let's never spend anything (1+ / 0-)
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    we can't afford to pay off next month. It should always be like a family with a credit card, right? That's how families work, right?

    Because only families with $70,000 in cash in the bank send their kids to college, right?


    Or wait. Let's have the government behave like a business. Likewise, we'll never spend money on anything we can't pay off this year. The business  loan industry - there's really no reason it exists, right? Hiring, investment, machinery, technology, R&D, none of that takes credit does it?

    I love how Americans discuss economics and government like it's the same as living off a kid's allowance. It's so smart and stuff.

    Gee, government doesn't need to invest or anything. Gee, our credit limit doesn't have to go up as the size of our economy goes up or anything does it. It's so hard to ponder out.

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