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  •  Well sorta, the Yves person's timing is a bit (1+ / 0-)
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    off. Paulson's 3 page ransom note was delivered under the Shrubbery. It was obvious at the point the rails were coming off the thing that Obama, not even elected yet was handling this with "teams". [a notable thing because this is was a first time thing as far as I can tell, I've heard of transition teams, but Obama's were on steroids and 10 months early]. Meanwhile McCain was incoherent and the rest of Congress' hair was on fire. The ransom note attracted a slight amount of scrutiny, but not much. The opportunity to fix some of the more egregious aspects of what caused the mess in the first place was squandered. I don't know how many pages ended up in the final draft, but whatever it was, it wasn't much.

    In Obama's defense, TARP was done by the shrubbery and Congress. Also in his defense, I think he was trying to tackle the jobs thing through the ACA by trying to lower the percentage of the healthcare portion of the GDP and thereby unlinking insurance from jobs through......well I'm not sure through what mechanism since the ACA process got so convoluted, it's hard to tell and I guess it depends on who you talk to. I think he was looking at the big picture and the message got garbled. Comprehensively looking at the problem is what an executive does, but that's not how things get through Congress.

    •  "Big Picture" pardon me... (3+ / 0-)
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      WheninRome, 2laneIA, S M Tenneshaw

      I liked Obama. I worked for Obama. But Obama's "big picture" makes me want to puke.

      He squandered his opportunity to lead. That's it for me.

      •  You're right, (1+ / 0-)
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        He really did get mired in the whole mess and forgot the individual goals. I see the logic, just the strategy went out the window. And he needed/s not to be so damn conciliatory. I guess he figures they'll fall of their own weight, but that's not the way it works. Honestly he acts like he is still in the Senate. He needs to kick some ass. He needs to get the stern face out and negotiate from a more extreme position. He's not a haggler, he's a facilitator. I want a sumbitch in there. And yes, he does seem to be a reactive personality, rather than an instigator.

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