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View Diary: Mitt Romney pulls off a perfect 360 degree a single sentence (95 comments)

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  •  I'm sure the Professional Dems are (0+ / 0-)

    back-slapping themselves over this kind of "offense".  It's unfortunate that "offense" to them means attacking split hairs over how precisely Romney said "the economy sucks" while buying into Republican economic (Bush Tax Cut, Deficit obsession with official unemployment at 9-10%) and health care (national RomneyCare) policies when they pass legislation.  Currently, for example, they're trying to pass deficit cutting measures of 6 dollars of spending cuts for every 1 dollar of tax increases - in a depressed economy in need of stimulus.  And this is a win, to them.

    If they think voters are going to give a shit about splitting hairs about what Romney said like this in 2012, in the miserable, austerity-focused, Wall Street embracing, Win-The-Future-sloganned economy, laced with Obama-endorsed Medicare and Social Security cuts that Democrats are bent on pumping up, they deserve to get run out of office on a rail.

    How well did running against Republicans at election time (after treating them as well-meaning fellows with a slightly different point of view for 2 years) work out in 2010?  Apparently it worked so well that we're running that playbook again.  Kind of hard to run against the Republicans as crazy at election time, after buying into their nonsense for 2 or 4 years in terms of legislation passed.

    Here's how elections work: voters look at the economy they can touch and feel in their lives, and if it sucks, they take it out on incumbents, based largely on the President setting the economic agenda.  And Obama IS setting the economic agenda - focusing on deficit cutting while unemployment is at 10% is seen as the current Democratic agenda because it's an agenda that he endorses.  Trying to pass the buck that the President actually has no power and everything is up to Congress, is going to sound really stupid after Democrats won in 2008 by running against Bush for singlehandedly running the country into the ground for 8 years.  

    It people can't feel positive change in their lives, no amount of money for an "education campaign" to enlighten them on all the great things you've done for them is going to have any oxygen.  And nobody is going to care over whether Romney used Method A or Method B to say "the economy is terrible."

    Proud supporter of the drug-addled, f***ing retarded professional left.

    by Kall on Tue Jul 05, 2011 at 09:53:50 AM PDT

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