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View Diary: Pete Peterson Group: "$250k a Year Is Not Easy Street" (317 comments)

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  •  Think how much that is (12+ / 0-)

    Let's assume that it's all salary. They'll get SS tax on 109k of that - so they get 141k with NO ss tax (so that's 7.5% that's NOT taken out).

    Let's assume they get taxed at 50% total (and it would NEVER be that much, not in a million years). That means their take home pay is 125k per year.

    125k per year. That's 10,416 (plus some change) PER MONTH.


    I'm sorry - that's PLENTY to live on. Providing, of course, you're not paying 5k/mo for a mortgage. And 20k/yr for private pre-school. And 2k/mo for car payments.

    If you want to do THAT, of course it's not enough. But if you're making 250k/yr and doing that, you're a pretty piss poor money manager.

    •  And that's all discretionary (4+ / 0-)

      Seriously.  If you're struggling on 250k you can downsize your house, find a more reasonable private school, look into a more reasonable car.   Or if you're in New York why do you need a car at all?

      No sympathy whatsoever.  I hear the whines of, "I work hard, I deserve better things".  No you don't work hard.  You don't lift anything heavier than your wallet.  You don't work 12 10-hour days straight because you need the overtime.  Your bodies are not battered by constant toil.

      Honestly, it's like some people are asking to be put up against the wall in a violent socialist revolution.

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