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View Diary: Solar Photovoltaic Generating Capacity Averaging 65% Compound Annual Growth Rate for Last 5 Years (161 comments)

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  •  HoundDog - here's the transcript (4+ / 0-)

    which has some pretty staggering numbers. The military (especially at war) is a fuel hungry enterprise.

    When I asked Secretary Mabus about what's going on in Congress right now and the effort to cut, cut, cut, how could that, how might that affect what the Department of Defense does in the way of acquiring these more expensive fuels?
    Well, there's two different answers to that and I think, you know, my job is to look at the fuel we use for military operations, which is most of what we use. About 75 percent of the five billion gallons or the 160 million barrels of oil equivalent that we used last year was all for military operations. So the imperative there is a little different. It's a capability like any other. We need what we need to get the job done and there's a lot of support on the Hill, bipartisan support for that approach.
    If you look at Afghanistan right now there's two different opportunities here. In our forward operating bases we're consuming a huge volume of fuel and there are things we can do that would pay back quickly to cut that volume, more efficient generators, better shelters, better air-conditioning units, better -- all the end use is getting better. That will save us money and of course there's a lot of support for that.
    But then out on the tactical edge, the kinds of things that the Secretary was talking about where you have Marines who are very distant from the supply lines and tough circumstances who are engaging with the local communities and who are fighting the fight, they need better capability. And the cost factors work out differently there. So these solar recharging batteries that take, you know, hundreds of pounds of batteries out of the resupply and it gives them more range and more endurance, they're better able to do their jobs, that's a cost that Congress is supportive of, just like with MRAPs and any other capability our forces need to get the job done.

    There was another interview cited by KO on CurrentTV last night, it indicated a substantial quantity of fuel, infrastructure building and maintenance, billions. All to move fuel and equipment so the soldiers get some respite from the desert heat - through air-conditioning.

    A suitable case for solar?

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