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View Diary: Atlanta cheating scandal highlights dangers of high-stakes testing (146 comments)

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    Cartman: (holds up picture of Bill Belicheck) This is Bill
    Beelicheck. Head coach of the New England Patriots. He's won three Super Bowls. How? He cheated. He even got caught cheating and nobody cared! He proved that in America, it's alright to cheat, as long as you cheat your way to the top.

    Cartman: Before the last Super Bowl, Bill Beelicheck told his team, "Let's win this one for real, let's not cheat!".

    Student: What happened?

    Cartman: They lost.

    I will not call them the GOP. They are not Grand at all. They will always be the WOMP (White Old Man Party) to me.

    by gbaked on Thu Jul 07, 2011 at 12:52:29 PM PDT

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