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View Diary: Atlanta cheating scandal highlights dangers of high-stakes testing (146 comments)

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  •  Redstate and dKos agreement? Wow. (0+ / 0-)

    It's a rarity.

    Something that we can all agree

    When it comes down to it, standardized testing is at least one of the following:

    Standardized testing is

    1.  Ineffective at demonstrating learning
    2.  A cash cow for testing corporations
    3.  An easy way for honest teachers/districts to get screwed, while dishonest teachers/districts cheat.

    Unrealistic solutions for these three problems.

    1.  Create better tests that are not multiple choice, and that actually demonstrate learning.  This clearly will not work because imagine the manpower needed to grade every single students' free response answers in a state, much less a nation.  The costs would be astronomical.  Is it feasible?

    2.  Disallow corporations from making these tests.  The states would then have to make the tests.  This clearly will not work because Republicans won't create a huge bureaucracy of educational testing in the 50 states.  Can't happen, won't happen, and frankly, it shouldn't happen.

    3.  Build in accountability measures.  What might these be?  Switching teachers into different classrooms?  Bringing in state regulators to administer every single test for 100 million students?  Nope...too much money, too much potential for fraud.  Again, as long as you tie test scores to pay, people will cheat.  How many years of stupid reality shows (we're up to 13) will it take us to realize that people will do ANYTHING for money.

    Great diary, Laura.

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