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View Diary: BMW--The Ultimate Layoff, Taxpayer-Robbing Machine (175 comments)

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  •  Great (3+ / 0-)

    can I have the money taken out of my paycheck that represents the proportion of subsidized oil and gas he consumes given back to me?

    •  He was blaming Obama for getting involved (0+ / 0-)

      in Libya.

      I agreed that we should not be there.  Regardless of the picture painted by our right-wing propaganda machine, Khadafi is about average as far as dictators go.  We have no reason to intervene other than it's an opportunity to gain control over Libyan oil in league with the French who have painted themselves in a corner by prematurely recognizing the rebels.

      And I told him when are we dismantling the 700 foreign bases that suck hundreds of billions each year from our budget?  And that the petroleum companies should pay for their own security instead of having the army, navy, airforce and marines do it for them.

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