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View Diary: Thoughts on Christianity Flame Wars... From a Jaded Ex-Fundamentalist (75 comments)

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    I grew up Church of Christ; they believe everyone else (Baptist, Methodists, Catholics, Muslims, atheists, agnostics, Buddhists) is going to hell because they don't have the name "church of christ" in the title of the church.

    My mother, a university professor and a Baptist, told my father I was no longer required to go to church around age 13, when I had more questions than they had answers minus the scare tactics and authoritarian condemnation.

    I have remained Christian, an individual that believes in the model of Jesus Christ. I have read a lot of the diaries and I simply remain quiet most of the time.

    I embrace my brothers and sisters of all faiths, no faith, all ethnicities, all races, and all sexual orientations.

    Recently, I had a conversation with a guy spouting "white power" and even called him the next day and am helping him find a job. He apologized for the white power rhetoric; he felt I was being condescending because I hit him with so many facts so quickly; Daily Kos will equip you with the facts.

    I refuse to take offense when my intelligence is insulted because of my faith. And as has been said again and again, these insults do not help us elect more and better Democrats.

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