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View Diary: The Inside Story of Medicare Fraud at a Major University (10 comments)

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    Johnny Nucleo

    This is common as dirt. At the University of Arizona I oversaw millions in contracts over the years, and very little of the indirect funds made it back to cover the real indirect costs associated with projects, nor did the state provide the services they were supposed to cover. It was a serious problem. Complaints to the Director of the Museum were greeted with anger and refusal to listen. The trickle-down was that the Sponsored Projects Office in central administration got the first bite of the apple, lesser administrators next, and last and least of all the office actually doing the research. We were told that it was legal, and that the figures were a university-wide average and that they could do as they liked. So they did, and I'm sure they still do.

    It is a nasty area and full of gray zones that administrations use to their full advantage, treating the resulting money like a giant bankroll for patronage politics within the university. From the article above it is unclear where this example might fall on the legality scale. However, I sympathize with administrators coping with this problem. I, personally, am enjoying retirement.

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