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View Diary: E-Verify: Lamar Smith's fact-free defense (90 comments)

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  •  qwatz (10+ / 0-)

    The problem  with using undocumented people to harvest crops is that these brown people are not invited to this nation to participate as citizens in our civic life.  Rather, they are being encouraged to be here because (1) these particular individuals are more used to stoop labor and high temperatures and (2) they can be treated with no respect due to their fear of interacting with law enforcement.  This distorts the free market and is the reason why Republicans want brown people here, and also don't want them as citizens.

    I believe that the free market should be allowed to work, and it would find a solution to the problem of crop picking as manual labor.  

    markos,  please remember that field labor for picking crops is a small part of the cost we are seeing at the checkout.  For the example of the cucumber pickers used in another diary, I guesstimated the pickers are picking 300 cukes per hours.  At $21.00 per hour that is 7 cents per cuke.

    Bill Belichick also has 10 million gallons of crude oil stashed away, just in case.

    by 2liberal on Wed Jul 06, 2011 at 04:07:04 PM PDT

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