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  •  Farmers, Ag. corps elected the GOP. (2+ / 0-)
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    flowerfarmer, gsenski

    The farmers, agriculture corporations and their various industry lobbying groups fund and vote for the GOP who in turn pushes the anti-farm labor legislation.

    Farming, construction, hotel and food service industries depend on low wage, no benefit, no protection immigrant labor and those industries overwhelming support GOP to get away from fair labor laws for all workers, minimum wage, unionization, health care, worker safety, workers rights etc.  As one nursery operator noted, "the GOP is 80% our friend, it's the 20%  that's killing us".

    But they will still vote GOP and GOP is increasingly extremist on immigrants and undocumented workers.

    The farm, construction, food and hotel industries have to find pro-farm labor GOP candidates but that is nearly impossible with the religious extremist fringe controlling the nominating procedure.

    Will the farm et al industries start voting Democratic or will they let the extremist GOP kill their business.

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