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    Why must Obama always play Charlie Brown, unable to recognize that Lucy will always yank the football away at the last minute, leaving the democratic party to fall flat on its ass?

    This isn't Charlie Brown and the Lucy with the football. This was preordained. The Centrist (read: Center Right or ex-Moderate Republicans--the sane ones from the 70's & 80's) Caucus that currently controls the leadership of the Democratic Party wanted this all along.

    They bought into the Deficit Madness in some mad scheme to keep the Villagers, those 'Independents' (voters who don't really pay attention to anything until it's time to vote and when things go Tango Uniform, blame whoever it is in power and votes in some yahoo who fucks things up even more...while those Indies go back to watching Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, and Dexter), and Citizen Corporations content.

    They get all they wanted:
    The Villagers get to propogate the myth of bipartisanship in the service of their wealthy owners.

    The Independents get to see 'the only adult in the room' and 'said only adult stuff getting done'. Even though the adult in the room has to deal with a party hellbent on screwing over the adult--even going so far as to threaten the royally fuck over the economy of not only our country, but the economies of other countries who had nothing to do with this in the first place.

    The Citizen Corporations get even more tax breaks, a larger slice of the pie, and get to use that money to buy up more pieces of the media, shiny new pundit Villagers to distract us all with. Oh, and the most important thing: they get to buy more of the government. And don't worry, Corporations are more human than you or I right now. Citizens United and a irredeemably corrupt Supreme Court made that certain.

    This is what the President wanted. We could see bits of it at the beginning of his adminstration, his tax cut deal last winter, the shanking of the Public Option in the shadows, etc.

    This deal was done ages ago, and this posturing is just a ploy to get the proles riled up so much that no one but the ones who were right from the beginning that this deal is one huge screwjob. Don't pretend to be surprised, Working Americans. This was the plan all along. We've seen this movie before.

    The rule is, "don't be a dick" - kos

    by cybrestrike on Wed Jul 06, 2011 at 01:46:32 PM PDT

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