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View Diary: Sen. Inhofe bravely stands up to FAA on behalf of ... himself (122 comments)

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    sphealey, craiger

    I am a pilot, and belong to an organization of which I'm usually proud: the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. Here is an excerpt from their daily (7/7/11) newsletter:

    He [Inhofe] outlined the framework for legislation during an interview in which he discussed his agreement to take remedial pilot training after being investigated by the FAA for landing his twin Cessna 340A on a closed runway in Port Isabel, Texas on Oct.21. Inhofe also addressed the Port Isabel landing in his floor remarks, noting that he “never appreciated the feeling of desperation” a pilot experiences during an enforcement case until he experienced it.

    Inhofe, a pilot for more than 50 years with more than 10,000 flight hours, added in a statement that the bill was not the first time he had dealt with FAA excesses in legislation; notably he had addressed the FAA’s actions in its much-publicized emergency revocation of airshow performer Bob Hoover’s medical certificate.

    Hoover “had his license unjustly taken away and only after I intervened with legislation changing the emergency revocation process was Bob able to get back in the air. I recently realized the problem is still out there, and any pilot is susceptible to the FAA taking their license without, what I believe, would be a fair adjudication. This bill is going to change all that,” he said.


    “AOPA applauds Senator Inhofe for introducing the Pilot’s Bill of Rights legislation giving the aviation community much greater certainty about the process of enforcing the regulations by which we fly. We look forward to working with Senator Inhofe and others in the Congress who have already stepped forward with their support,” said AOPA President Craig Fuller.

    The Bob Hoover incident was an example of FAA over zealousness that was beyond the pale; this was resolved at least a decade ago. As others have pointed out, Inhofe's actions at Port Isabel demanded immediate pilot license suspension, if not criminal prosecution.

    I will be writing a strong letter to AOPA demanding at least a condemnation by AOPA of Inhofe's actions.

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      I was irritated this morning to find out that AOPA is right behind this bill.  I mean, yeah, FAA enforcement actions are somewhat notorious for weaknesses in due process, but the context here is awful, and support for Inhofe is one of the reasons I won't contribute to AOPA PAC.

      I am also irritated as hell that AOPA is strongly out against the proposed bizjet depreciation changes as an attack on all of GA.  Don't dare to support the jet lobby in my name.  I drive a C182 and I don't have anything in common with those guys.

      I have not been super impressed with where my organization has been going under its new leadership.  Craig, I'm talking about you.

      "They let 'em vote, smoke, and drive -- even put 'em in pants! So what do you get? A -- a Democrat for President!" ~ Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

      by craiger on Thu Jul 07, 2011 at 04:51:11 PM PDT

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      •  Yeah, I Hear You (1+ / 0-)
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        I'm a Mooney driver; and I get the feeling that AOPA is much more aligned with the corp biz jet owners than us little guys. Same old story, right? Whether it's politics or aircraft, big guys get a bye, middle class gets screwed.

    •  Hoover incident controversy (0+ / 0-)

      beyond the pale?
      It made no sense on surface appearances.
      It made more sense if you think the rumors about the real reasons for the suspension are true.

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