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    I think the war on women will continue til all people are considered to be on equal status. I remember when very young,wondering why people would give my dad such a hard time about only making girls (5) and his answer was "i love girls". It didn't make any sense that grownups would even consider that girl children weren't as valuable then or now even.  As I grew up and started school, the indoctrination began, although I fought it tooth and nail and wanted to carve out my own reality. Going to Catholic school for the first 6 years left me even more confused. Why can't girls be altar boys or priests? Why do they teach that women are to be submissive to all?
     The programming didn't work so well on me, as soon as I figured out how to skip out of church and catechism,I did.
    Haven't been back since. Started work over 40 years ago and at one time believed that things would get better for women. Joined rallies for right to choose, trying to get the ERA passed, NOW membership, these I did while young and not so cynical. Years of raising my kids alone, working two jobs, getting my bachelor's took almost everything I had. Things did get better for women but as years go by and more and more economic
    possibilities are being eroded, I think the good ole boys are using fear to roll back progress.
    We cannot give up the fight. We must speak out. We must do what we can when we can. I do believe the personal is political I have no problem writing, calling people who were elected, gathering signatures, whatever.
    It took women over 70 years to win the vote. That is a fact that makes me crazy but it took a whole lot of time and a whole lot of women to accomplish it. I look around at my younger sisters and brothers in the world and I find peace and hope that they will carry on the good fight. There are so many who do not support sexism, racism as easily as those who didn't question what was being taught to them.

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