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  •  This diary is deliberately awesome, Mrs. Bing (7+ / 0-)

    You basically rebutted Armando's critique of my diary saying that I was right, but my realistic title was too cruel.

    It is destroying the New Deal one goes after the most successful part of it, Social Security. I can't think of anything crueler to seniors who have worked and paid into ti all their lives just to watch idiot Democrats surrender it to idiot Republicans who don't understand that SS doesn't contribute to the deficit. IN truth Republicans probably do understand this, but they know that Democrats accept their dumbass memes about the deficit and debt being out of control and that is simply BS by any standard. Our debt to GDP ratio was 120% at the height of WWII.

    So I am not going to be nice about Rubinite BS for utter sellout tactics of Obama(who can't negotiate a debt ceiling raise like every other president) like Kimberly S. said.

    The New Deal regulatory framework besides a strained FDIC is gone(the FDIC should get bigger and be bale to receive any institution, have everyone fired, direct access to their books, and then put out back on the market except for this moral hazard BS we accept from our president and his Rubinites) and feckless SEC is almost dead.

    What is left this president doesn't have the guts to use(or he really hates to) for real fiscal stimulus which is the only way out of this hole. But more lies and BS about the federal budget being a family budget which make shim look stupid or incredibly corrupt, take your pic.


    Anyway, thanks, Mrs. Bing.

    Pro Life??? Conservatives want live babies so they can raise them to be dead soldiers!- George Carlin

    by priceman on Thu Jul 07, 2011 at 10:40:20 PM PDT

    •  thank you price so much, because you and slink and (5+ / 0-)

      Jo and so many other great true Democrats, and progressives have been proven right, and right and right again over and over again in these past several months.

      You all pointed out the warnings, the red flags, the red herrings, and no one would listen to you.  I think about NYeves, and Dallas Doc, and icebergslim, and OPOL, and so many others who had the courage to speak out what we knew was coming, and now, guess what:

      HERE IT IS.  Front and center.

      I'm not a policy wonk, I'm more of a humanist, but I still get the message.  I can see what is going down and what is happening.

      I am absolutely horrified to find our own party still making excuses at this final moment in time to not allow President Obama to cave again, on the final deal, that has always been the soul of our party:

      I've never been a vindictive person, because I always felt that being cruel to other people was the opposite of being a true Democrat.  I was never a 'told you so' person was nothing more than 'I'm getting even' instead of being kind to move our party forward.  

      If we willing stand by and let President Obama destroy not just our party platform, but Social Security, medicare and medicaid, then what is it that people in our own party do not understand, that he and other Democrats are not in fact destroying our party?

      That is the only question we should be asking ourselves.

      This has been allowed to happen for many years, as to our Unions, and on so many other issues, but it is all being chipped away like it was nothing more than an elaborate 'ice sculpture,' that we are supposed to stand back now and just owe and awe at how perfect it is in the end, when it is nothing more than a big pile of shit, that is nothing different than what the Rethugs and Fake Democrats, are calling 'the New Normal' for the new Banana Republic in our nation.'

      What really amazes me Price, is that here we are at the final moment (when these secret back room deals) that Nancy Pelosi has been shut out of and most of our progressives are being decided behind our backs, and still we find our own fellow Kossacks saying that is A OK WITH THEM?

      OMFG.  Of course we do not know in the end, yet, how this will all play out, but I am smart enough to know based on this own President's behavior in the past, that even if he does sell Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, piece by piece towards privatization, guess what?

      We will still hear apologies and excuses for that too.  You can take that to the Bank, which is exactly who rules our entire nation.  

      As I always say Price, I wish it were not so, but we'll see what is to come, won't we.  Thanks as always for your support, and I'm so proud of you and slink and Jo today.  You guys rock.  I love you all.

      Ms. B.

      “I hope the two wings of the Democratic Party may flap together.” William Jennings Bryan

      by Badabing on Thu Jul 07, 2011 at 11:34:14 PM PDT

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