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View Diary: Effect real change: retake state legislatures (85 comments)

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    You just noticed?

    The Democratic rout of 2010 was most pronounced at all levels in the Midwest - especially in the composition of state legislatures.  The problem is structural - the Democratic Party has failed to defend the interests of working people from the president on down.  Of course, there are notable exceptions - Kucinich, Feingold, Barbara Lee - to name but a few.  

    Still, although the Republican Party offers a fairly proactive ideology with implementable goals, the Democrats have been unable to counter with much more than a series of limited holding actions.  Until the Democrats are able to offer working people something more than DLV neoliberalism, they will continue to lose support from many of those who are desperate in these terrible economic times - - even though the Republican program is fundamentally anti-worker.

    For the Democratis to try to recapture state legislatures without any coherent political framework is simply tilting at windmills.

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