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View Diary: In IA, Kerry Klimb Kontinues (74 comments)

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  •  This is good... (none)
    ...what is in this kool-aid!  I can't quit drinking the stuff!

    All I know is that Zogby's polling numbers were just fine and completely palatable when Dean was in the 30s, NOW they are somehow skewed when Kerry finally pulls his head out and begins campaigning?!  If you listen to the guy the last few days he is saying everything Iowans like to hear (I spent 8 years as a adolescent and young adult, and I can never get them back!).  He is hyping up his war record and three purple hearts, and it looks great without the general next to him, his 4 terms as an influential senator, and he just reaaly not to mention he really shines in small settings.

    I am a former Kerry supporter, you know as we almost all were a year ago, and this surge only comes as a surprise it didn't happen sooner, but could it be at a better time?

    I've got no patience now. So sick of complacence now. Time has come to pass. Know your enemy! -Rage Against the Machine

    by Aventinus on Fri Jan 16, 2004 at 01:51:48 PM PST

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      The polls showing Dean in the 30s were not tracking polls. In those polls leaners were pushed to choose a candidate. Yhey reflected a degree of soft support for all the candidates. These are tracking polls, a different kind of beast. Frankly, I think polling caucus states is a dicey proposition at best.

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