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  •  While people are considering connections, (none)
    it might be useful to have a closer look at one of the Swifties.  Some of you will remember that, along with Abramoff, Col. Kenneth W. Cordier, Ret. had to resign from his "volunteer" position at Bush/Cheney because of his association with the Swiftboat Veterans and POWs for Truth.  Well, what was never mentioned in all those stories is that after he got out of Hanoi, Cordier had a long and enviable carreer, setting up military bases in Germany, acting as liaison with the British military and, after he retired, serving as a lobbyist for British Aerospace in Washington.  And now that he's moved to Dallas, Cordier has been inducted into the Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations while being active with the Vietnamese American Community.
    Funny that all these accomplishments weren't mentioned when he was whining about the hardships he suffered in Hanoi because of Kerry's truthful testimony.

    Oh, and another thing.  It might not hurt to have a look at another one of those fellows that Hanoi kept for a long time, Orson Swindler, who somehow got Clinton to appoint him to the Federal Trade Commission and is now buddy buddy with the cyber security industry.  Seems like being held captive by the Vietnamese didn't harm the careers of these POWs. (The current crop in Guantanamo is not likely to fare as well).

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