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View Diary: Please God Just Give Us One More FDR (125 comments)

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  •  There was no military complex, there was no (0+ / 0-)

    corporate controlled media and congress to nearly the extent it is now. There wasn't this much partisan politics where all but about 2 republican voted against FDR 100% of the time. FDR legislation was according to Rachel's chart, filibustered about 16 times in his first term. Obama was filibustered 147 times in his first 18 months. In 1933 there was much more partisanship, because conservatives, moderates and liberals in both parties and crossed party lines. That's not close to the case today. FDR got some bills passed in 4 hours after introducing them, because he had 59 to 60 Dems in the senate and 314 in the house. Add to that many republicans crossed over and FDR policies won with big margins because of it. There is no comparison. Why are people going back to FDR anyway, when there have been many presidents since?

    •  Not true. (0+ / 0-)

      That very military industrial complex is what engineered the coup against FDR that very nearly unseated him.

      People are going back to FDR because we're in a second great depression.

      Also because there haven't been any great presidents since.

      grieving citizen of the murdered Republic, unrepentant rebel against the Empire.

      by khereva on Sat Jul 09, 2011 at 10:32:23 PM PDT

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      •  Not true, because if that were so, than Eisenhower (0+ / 0-)

        wouldn't have warned of the military industrial complex taking hold in our government over 20 years later. The protest came from veterans who's pensions were cut by 15% when FDR was demonstrating his fiscally conservative side. The military complex was in it's infancy at the time. As you know, there were no wars going on in 1933.

        Plus the comparison is totally unfair. Did you notice i mentioned FDR being filibustered only 16 times in his entire first term and Obama being filibustered 147 times in his first 18 months? Did you miss the part where FDR HAD 59 TO 60 DEMS in the senate and 314 in the house. The fact that conservatives, moderates and liberals were in both parties at the time, made it easier for bipartisanship and to govern? You can't compare Obama to FDR.

        •  Yes. Because FDR didn't roll over for that sort (0+ / 0-)

          of thing. Obama does.

          FDR welcomed their hatred.

          Obama lives in terror of it.

          Thus the difference in how each is treated.

          Eisenhower put a name to what already had existed for a generation.

          grieving citizen of the murdered Republic, unrepentant rebel against the Empire.

          by khereva on Sun Jul 10, 2011 at 03:30:26 PM PDT

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