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View Diary: F$%King Unbelievable! HR abuse rampant at DailyKos (339 comments)

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  •  Sorry about your computer, and (3+ / 0-)

    I tipped the diary also, because people were trying to censor her.  As I said, I'm BIG on free speech.  You don't fight bad ideas by denying everyone else from seeing them, you fight bad ideas with good ideas.

    If the video was as bad as people claim (I didn't see it), I would have ripped Badabing a new one in the comments section.  But I would allow everyone to decide this for themselves.

    Apparently, she received so many bad comments, that she eventually took the video down.  Isn't that exactly the way it should work?  

    Can you get to some of the free virus checkers on line?  I just heard Microsoft has a pretty good one on their site.


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