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View Diary: F$%King Unbelievable! HR abuse rampant at DailyKos (339 comments)

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  •  Don't be deliberately obtuse (4+ / 0-)

    Oh wait -- I think you already covered that several times.

    It's called a "hypothetical" example.  The site owners and members can exclude points of view that they don't want to associate with, in accordance to their right of free association to form civic groups of like minded individuals.

    One of the kinds of ideas we don't associate with are racism, homophobia, and anti-Semitism.  If you can't comprehend why the diary was racist, maybe you could possibly grasp that hypothetically a Nazi would be racist.  But I guess not.

    •  Guilt by nonassociation? (0+ / 0-)

      So the community should decide who they want to associate with and HR everyone they don't want to associate with?

      You mean if you don't want to associate with people who want to primary Obama, you should HR them?

      •  Uh, yeah. That's how political parties work (4+ / 0-)

        The category of "people who want to primary Obama" is not excluded from the association boundaries.

        Racists, Nazis, skin heads, Klaners, Republicans, tea partiers, and a whole range of other groups are indeed outside the community's guidelines for who it wants to associate with.

        You know your points are like really, really dense.  Do you think the Democratic Party is obligated to "associate" with right wing conservatives.  Do you not understand "freedom of association"?  Does the NAACP have to accept Klan members?  Does the Klan have to accept NAACP activists?

        Are you really this dense?

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