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  •  Castration has a long history and (4+ / 0-)
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    none of it is pretty. To accuse any man of having no testicals is to impugn his masculinity. And to equate a lack of masculinity to a lack of courage is as much a sexist comment as anything else. To say that any man is lacking testicals is to say that he isn't a man. At its root, it is a horrible slur against any man.

    The DK is the only place that I've ever heard of the specific sensitivity to the phrase being discussed above, as MB and you have described it. I read a lot and I have all my life. Although I doubt I've nicked a pimple in the library of congress. In searching for any references to this particular sensitivity, I have found nothing.

    It's not a term that I use, because of its sexist connotations. It's a locker room phrase and I've seen it used to crush young men. Adult men usually just roll their eyes at it. It is in such common use now, however, that even female politicians are accused of either having no testicles or are patted on the back for having big testicals by pundits on national TV (let alone radio, a whole other cesspool).

    Racism and racist dog whistles have intent at their root. If there is no intent to offend or to do a "dog whistle wink" at others, then it is clumsiness or ignorance, not racism. To expect everyone in a community this size to be perfect in every way isn't realistic. And for people to get angry and curse at people who haven't measured up to their personal level of perfection is just childish.

    In reading the written word, it is more often than not difficult at the very least to determine intent. The reader can often completely misinterpret what they are reading if a sentence isn't well crafted. However, questioning of the writer can usually clear things up. It's too bad that comments can't be edited and/or deleted by the author of the comment. Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of a comment is to hide it with a virtual stoning. It's been a successful way of keeping the site on track, but at times it seems a bit barbaric.

    When you have a community the size of this one, to expect everyone to share your particular knowledge and sensibilities is unrealistic. One of the issues that I hold dear is collective bargaining. There are people who post here who don't think unions have a right to exist, or who think they are at least problematic. I don't expect that they should be HR'd or banned from the site if their other behavior proves to be in harmony with the mission statement. However, I do question their progressive credentials. And I'll continue to attempt to show them the error of their ways. Politely. And with facts and references.


    I am a fiscal conservative. That means I believe in progressive taxation and investing for a better tomorrow in education, infrastructure, clean energy, and regulating business for the benefit of all.

    by RustyCannon on Sun Jul 10, 2011 at 03:23:32 PM PDT

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