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View Diary: Update:Why is Obama Appointing Republicans as US Attorneys? (74 comments)

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  •  Corporatist Obama Appointed Lots of Rethugs (0+ / 0-)

    Former Rethug Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson to head up the Deficit Reduction (aka Catfood) Commission.

    Serial Tax Evader Timothy Geithner to be Treasury Secretary.

    ET. AL.  (Blue Dog Dems = Rethugs)

    None of them were any damn good.

    Obama is protecting his thieving Wall Street "savvy businessmen" buddies because they'll reciprocate once he's out of the presidency -- he kept them from becoming prison inmates and allowed them to keep their jobs and obscene wealth.

    He extended the Bush/Cheney tax cuts for the rich knowing that it was the Most Fiscally Irresponsible thing he could ever do to this country.

    It couldn't be more clear that Obama is not a friend of the working class or Democrats but rather a friend of big corporations and filthy rich Republican individuals.

    Remember how Rahm Emmanuel called liberals "fucking retards"?  He's showing his conservative pro-corporation anti-union roots as Chicago's mayor just as Obama has repeatedly shown his.

    Obama is a disgrace to the Democratic Party.  He played liberals for fools in 2008 -- don't be fooled again.

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