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View Diary: Education 'reformer' caught in rare moment of anti-union honesty (56 comments)

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  •  The new system is 2 years and you are out! (0+ / 0-)

    Even with tenure.  There is no time to recover.  

    Have you ever dealt with administrators?  Most are awful and behave like children.  One administrator I know (and actually respect) tells me she goes to school meetings and feels like she is in a kindergarten class.  The top brass just screams at each other.  They have forgotten that schools are for kids and not for them.   It is worse now that most non teaching administrators never taught and teaching administrators have only a few years experience in the classroom.

    Merit is joke.  Look at all the cheating that is coming to light.  Guess who gets the merit pay.  In NYC, administrators get merit bonuses if their schools do well.  Not the teachers.  Guess what?  Teachers are bullied to give better grades and passing grades.  When they don’t play the game, the following year they get the weaker kids in their classes. Or, a very bad schedule.  They even change grades without telling the teacher.

    Just give me a decent salary.  I didn’t go into teaching to be rich, but I would like to cover my bills and put money away so I don’t have to eat catfood when I’m old.

    •  So you are admitting admins in public schools suck (0+ / 0-)

      Is that the message I am gettin? Maybe public schools are not so great after all.

      you can call me praveen.

      by pravin on Thu Jul 14, 2011 at 02:02:37 PM PDT

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      •  But, most of the teachers I work with are great (0+ / 0-)

        teachers.  And, they work very hard.  Teachers just don’t have any power.

        •  Take the Ron Clark academy (0+ / 0-)

          Do iyou think teachers are unhappier in a non public school like that. Dont get me wrong. I am actually very appreciative of good teachers. But I dont think being a teacher automatically makes one good at what they do.

          you can call me praveen.

          by pravin on Thu Jul 14, 2011 at 09:01:32 PM PDT

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          •  Are you joking? (0+ / 0-)

            I have never met a teacher (with 3 months experience) that likes teaching in a charter school.  I don’t believe anyone who posts how wonderful it is. Every in the flesh teacher has told me how they hate it.  Some are there because it was the only job they could get.  Some will tell me how at first it is wonderful and then a month or two later the truth comes out.  They are just cannon fodder.  They can be replaced in a second.  They are treated badly and are expected to be on call at any time.  Yes, they get shiny new toys and they get supplies, but they never feel secure in their jobs.  Many want to leave and teach in a REAL public school.  Some want to leave teaching as soon as the economy turns around.

            I would rather be jobless than teach in a charter school.  I also don’t want to teach in a private school or in the suburbs, either.  I want to teach in a school and make a real difference.  Not to make a profit for someone else.

            There are 3 out of 140 teachers in my school that I would get rid of.  Not my job to get rid of them.  The administrators that have that power don’t seem to be interested in it.  The other teachers are pretty good teachers.  Some are great.  I would not have a problem putting my child in their classroom.

            Not every teacher can be a good teacher, but most teachers these days aren’t given a chance.  They are treated badly, insulted in the media and often at work and they aren’t given the tools, support or supplies that would make them better.

            If my school was funded like a charter school was we could reach almost every kid.  Instead we have to beg for chalk and paper, etc.  We could actually have after-school tutoring.  Education in America would be a lot better if people supported real public education and supported teachers.

            •  One size does not fit all (0+ / 0-)

              The whole point of having alternative schools is any large public system (which public schools are) will have a hard time being flexible. So no matter how much money you spend, the rules put in place are well meaning and are meant to address every possible situation.

              You can't just give a public school more money and expect them to excel after failing for so many years with the same administrators. You need small size experiments like a few charter schools and other alternative organizations to give the bigger public school system on ideas what works.

              You can put in measures to MINIMIZE (there is no such thing as preventing anything bad) bad charter school numbers. Maybe if public school advocates did not scream like hysterical banshees each time an alternative school tries to set up shop within the confines of a public school system, it will not limit possible candidates to only big and tough enough companies that can manage to lobby past such objections. You may get more creative types where fighting the existing entrenched political interests is not the main skill they need to set up their school.

              you can call me praveen.

              by pravin on Sat Jul 16, 2011 at 01:19:34 AM PDT

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              •  You are very wrong (0+ / 0-)

                They a starving the public schools.  It is on purpose.

                In NYC, most charter schools are terrible, no matter what the hype.  Their results on standardized tests were, for the most part, worse than the regular public schools.  Their ready for college data was disgusting.  It was 9%.  Most public schools were a terrible 40%, but that is miles better than 9.

                When they take over part of a school, they won’t let the regular school share.  That’s one of the reasons there is a lawsuit.  

                It even made the press how in some schools the regular kids have lunch at 10 am.  There was a story about 5 year olds having to choose between eating or using the bathroom.  Many kids came home with wet pants.  Children shouldn’t be blocked from bathrooms, gyms, libraries.  In one school, the public kids were moved to windowless rooms next to the boiler.

                One thing that is different about charter schools is that they force parents to be active in their kids education. IF that was mandated in ALL schools, there would be a big change.  

                Charter schools were started to find new ways to reach kids.  It has been corrupted and all kids suffer.  It only takes investors 7 years to double their money.  People should not make profits from education.

                I have no problem with alternative ways to run a school and to teach kids.  I do have a problem with charter schools who pick their kids through a fake lottery, council kids out of their school, take over a school and doesn’t share, get no budget cuts and many other horrible things.

                I don’t know where you live, but charter schools in NYC, on the whole, are a fraud.  If real public schools got the same support there would be a big difference.  

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