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View Diary: Environmentally Friendly Technology: Fuel Cell-based Cars (12 comments)

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  •  I really like your idea of incrementally (1+ / 0-)
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    introducing fuel cell vehicles.  And your idea of beginning the infrastructure at airports is brilliant because you not only have rental cars:

    Taxi cabs, buses, limos, hotel shuttles, cargo vehicles could all fuel up at the airport.  Open the service to private owners of fuel cell driven vehicles.

    Eventually, demand will build a larger infrastructure.

    How often would a fuel cell vehicle need to "refill"?  Is it the same, less, more often than a traditional internal combustion vehicle?

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    by Gustogirl on Tue Jul 12, 2011 at 09:39:11 AM PDT

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      most fuel cell vehicles right now have a range between 250 (Honda, Daimler) and up to 480 (Toyota's FCHV-adv) miles per tank.  The goal is to get the vehicle range as close to 300 miles per tank as possible, which is what we are used to with conventional vehicles.

      In Japan, Nissan has a fuel cell limo you can rent.  Fuel cells are also being developed for airport vehicles (luggage carriers, nose wheels) and even for airplanes themselves (both for propulsion and for auxiliary power).

      At a Germany IKEA, you can take the train to the store and they will deliver your furniture to your house in a fuel cell vehicle. :)

      Fuel cells are also being developed for auxiliary power for tractor trailer trucks that idle on the side of the road with electronics and air conditioning blasting.  

      There are so many applications for fuel cells!

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