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View Diary: DeLauro and Johnson introduce bill to combat discrimination against unemployed (61 comments)

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    Personnel assholes and bigots have a profoundly adverse impact on society with their lack of integrity.

    Confidential interview notes made by personnel bigots and assholes usually note inappropriate and illegal non-BFOQ comments of an extremely stupid and prejdiced nature.

    When these unskilled no talent bums who are personnel bigots and assholes put themselves at the top of the pay scale, productivity is compromised and the company becomes less competitive.  Taxpayers sometimes have to bail out these businesses (like they did with GM) because of this kind of mismanagement.

    The entire hiring game lacks honesty and openness because personnel assholes would get assaulted or killed if they revealled how they really "Judge" others.

    The misogynist would say, "I believe all women should be working -- in the kitchen and the bedroom."

    The racist would say, "We don't have anything against n*ggers, we just don't hire lazy, shiftless drug addicts."

    My interviewing experiences were with the oil, chemical, and nuclear power industries that are right-wing rethug and teabagger enterprises (like Kochroach Industries, Exxon-Mobil, Shell, Halliburton, BP, GPU's 3 Mile Island, Texaco -- now defunct, DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide of Bhopal, India fame, Rohm & Haas, Monsanto, Lonza, etc.).  They're overwhelming if not exclusively white, male, and ultraconservative politically.

    Of course, my long hair was especially irritating to these personnel asholes and bigots and was prominently noted as being "clean", and their open contempt for government regulations that affected profits and disdain for environmental protection and workplace safety was particularly offensive to me.  

    I have NEVER met any personnel asshole, liar, or bigot, including the employment agency garbage that do the illegal discrimination for corporations, who had any trace of moral or intellectual integrity.

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