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  •  Restoring Glass Steagall (3+ / 0-)
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    Eddie C, Hirodog, Brooke In Seattle

    and  real regulation along with some good old trust busting would help. The Democratic rank and file need to stop buying into this damn free market crap. It's Republican and to fight for this failed version of run amok capitalism  and call it inevitable or winning the future doesn't work politically or pragmatically. Eat your peas and don't look back or we will drive your assoff a apocalyptic cliff of failing banksters is not democratic or Democratic. either the Democratic party starts representing we the people or it loses and dies off.

    We have a small btob service business and your exactly right eddie C . We will hire people when we have work coming in that we can't handle. Our business is down 40% in the last two years. Our clients are having cash flow problems they are bigger fish then us and they too are hurting. There is a basic disconnect between the  corporate Visigoths , Robber Barons, or what ever you call the squid on humanities face and the common good of we the people.  

    I fail to understand how outsourcing, bad trade deals and unregulated disaster capitalism along with the Market that has no connection to our real economy has ended up being what the Democratic Party supports and offers. Seems to me that The Third Way , the reincarnation of the DLC on steroids is in control of our party and this administration.  

    I'm a Democrat but I have no party at this point and this lot of third Wayer's need to be pried off the face of the Democratic party. Even the kabuki sucks it's totally unconvincing as well as undemocratic.

    Thanks for writing all those dairies eddie c and please keep in mind that politics are not static and none of this is inevitable. It is however a real drag to, on top of the lunatics waiting in the wings, fight your own party to get representation for the people, the ones who live and work in this country.


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