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  •  i totally agree with every thing you have (5+ / 0-)

    said.  I got in trouble for writing a diary about the GP.  I did not know the policy.  And I wrote it because I thought the sight was full of "progressives".  The GP does not take pac or corporate money and they are on the ballot in almost every state.  I will vote for dems because I have no choice but I am donating my money to people who stand up for what I believe in.  The R's are getting pressure from the TP and we all scream about how much influence they have with the party without our trying to even make some kind of effort in the same direction.  TY for being brave and I hope you don't get banned.  There is too much money in politics and as far as I'm concerned that is the whole problem.  When people work and give their time and money to candidates that turn their back on them after getting elected it's time to change strategies.

    I am the fellow citizen of every being that thinks; my country is Truth. ~Alphonse de Lamartine, "Marseillaise of Peace," 1841

    by notdarkyet on Thu Jul 14, 2011 at 06:04:03 PM PDT

    •  Mmmhmm (4+ / 0-)
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      The GP does not take pac or corporate money and they are on the ballot in almost every state.
       The GP takes GOP money in order to get on the Tx ballot.
      Testimony last week revealed that Mike Toomey, a close Perry friend and his former chief of staff, paid $12,000 to recent University of Texas graduate Garrett Mize to organize a petition drive to collect the 43,991 petition signatures necessary to get the Greens on the November ballot....Dunn said Democrats do not want to make it hard for political parties to get on the ballot, but won't stand for Perry's "inner-circle" friends "to buy access for another party."

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