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View Diary: The debt ceiling vs. Eric Cantor's ego (158 comments)

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  •  That's not the full quote (9+ / 0-)

    This is the problem, many of the articles don't include the context. I thought the same thing at first, why admit it's a bluff? That doesn't make sense... but when you see what he said after that, it's clear that what he meant is "I'm not bluffing."

    Here's a more complete quote with the context:

    "I have shown enormous willingness to compromise and have taken huge heat for it," he said, "but my responsibility is to the American people and there comes a point when I need to say, 'Enough.'"

    "It cannot all be on us," the president said, arguing that Republicans need to give on the revenue side of things as Democrats are willing to do so on spending cuts.

    "Don't call my bluff," the president said. "I am not afraid to veto and I will take it to the American people."

    Keeping in mind, this is also right after he said "this may take down my presidency, but I will not yield on this" -- so it's pretty clear he's not bluffing. This was said apparently in reference to a short-term extension that was repeatedly brought up by Cantor after Obama already said no, and his insistence that any deal has to incude increased revenues.

    Here's the link to this article on

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