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View Diary: CBO director: Deficit reduction will have negative effects on short-term economic output (95 comments)

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  •  There are some understandable dynamics (2+ / 0-)
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    maryabein, jm214

    feeding people's blind (yet understandable) faith in the President's true motives/brilliance at triple-agent multi-dimensional kabuki, take your pick.

    People are extremely invested in holding onto the idea of who President Obama was supposed to be for us back in 2008, namely President Martin Luther King.

    I can certainly understand that. And it certainly depresses the hell out of me about the chance that anyone will primary him, or run as a third-party candidate. This dynamic is a certain teflon all its own.

    •  Right! Cognitive dissonance, of a sort. (4+ / 0-)

      My older brother and I were both Obama supporters, volunteers, donors during '08.  But, when I attempt to have a discussion with him about an Obama policy or action, it is as if he is still seeing the "Hope" and "Change" guy from 2008.  After a very few minutes, he's shouting at me with catchphrases--"the poison politics of partisanship," "win the future," "I trust the man."  He cannot engage in the thought experiment of analyzing the policies/actions separate from the man.  And my brother is an extraordinarily intelligent and well-educated guy.  I think he just can't bear to give up on his (our) idea of who Obama was going to be--it's too painful.

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