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  •  FAR too much bipartisan concern (23+ / 0-)

    FAR too much politics.

    As it is with most things, all this over-the-top bullshit about the debt ceiling and how we have to eliminate strengthen SS and Medicare - which don't impact the REAGAN-BUSH DEFICIT ECONOMY AT ALL - is an indication major shit we're not being told about is being done.

    Few people want to listen to Dennis Kucinich but he's got it:

    Mark my words -- Wall Street cashes in whether we have a default or not. And the same type of thinking that created billions in bailouts for Wall Street and more than $1 trillion in giveaways by the Federal Reserve today leaves 26 million Americans either underemployed or unemployed. And nine out of ten Americans over the age of 65 are facing cuts in their Social Security in order to pay for a debt which grew from tax cuts for the rich and for endless wars.

    There is a massive transfer of wealth from the American people to the hands of a few and it's going on right now as America's eyes are misdirected to the political theater of these histrionic debt negotiations, threats to shut down the government, and willingness to make the most Americans pay dearly for debts they did not create.

    We're probably already irrevocably fucked.

    Fucked. Fucked. Fucked.

    And that administration I am supposed swoon over every time a breeze blows is right at the center of it.

    Republicans HATE America. Deal with it. / It's the PLUTONOMY, Stupid!

    by xxdr zombiexx on Fri Jul 15, 2011 at 03:55:06 PM PDT

    •  The House, where all revenue bills must (0+ / 0-)

      originate, is controlled by Republicans.

      I posted about the need to raise the debt ceiling before the Republicans took over.

    •  Democratic states can step in (0+ / 0-)

      when neo-liberals rufuse to budge.

      Democratic states can fund medical care from (drug company) paid rebates.

      a. US Drugmaker A sales revenue $7 billion
      b. California population share of US 10%
      c. Eurorpe/US per capita sales ratio 4/10
      d. California excess US drug sales Medicaid(MediCal) funding tax due $420 million.

      Democratic states can put in a "Social Security" (sales or income tax) surcharge and pay out benefits if necessary in the long-term for residents as of August 3, 2011.

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