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View Diary: Obama on progressives, deficits, jobs and entitlements (373 comments)

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  •  Better idea to have passed something (3+ / 0-)

    beside the tax cutting stimulus when, say, he had close to a super majority

    •  Where the hell were you (0+ / 0-)

      for the first two years of Obama's presidency? Do you not remember the blue dogs who voted with the GOP?  Do you not remember the record amount of GOP filibusters? Do you not remember that the GOP just said NO for two years with every vote save for 2 senators from Maine on the Affordable Health Care Act?

      The GOP couldn't hope for more than you, someone whose decided the problem was really Obama and the Democrats, not them!

      Like so many posts here these days, your post sounds like something from Red State, the land of drive by comments without memory, or appetite for the facts.

      The president, with the help of the democrat congress, passed a shit load of legislation in his first two years. The fact that that legislation did not meet your ideological needs is one thing, and fair game for you to comment on.  

      But for you to say "better to have passed something," is an indication of your willingness to sublimate the facts to soothe your ideological brow---just like FOX, the Tea Party and the likes of whom you think you're so different than.

      •  Of course, (3+ / 0-)
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        sprogga, banjolele, Sanctimonious

        I belong over at Red State, and I am just like FOX and the Tea Party for being so ideologically rigid, i.e., to the left of Richard Nixon.

        I remember the first two years all too well, and the apologia I lapped up hoping Candidate Obama would show up...

        •  No, I think (0+ / 0-)

          you were waiting for the guy who agrees with sarah about everything to show up.  Like so many here, you think your vote chained Obama to your view point.  And now you sound more like a jilted lover than a political realist.  See Bernie Sanders to understand how you can dissent without being a victim.

          sarah, you said "it would be nice if he passed something when he had a super majority." And I'm asking you to own that statement, and the falseness of it.

          You have absolutely no argument to my assertion that a hell of a lot of legislation was passed in Obama's first two years. Your post accused him of passing next to nothing, which is completely, factually, totally UNTRUE.  But you won't admit to that because for you, nothing passed if it didn't pass the "sara" test.

          So let's just agree to disagree.

          •  Stella, you are on to something (0+ / 0-)

            I think that the train is leaving the station and some progressives are feeling left behind.  The screaming is just getting old and tired.  Change in government is always incremental.

        •  sprogga, bandolele, and Sanctimonius, (0+ / 0-)

          what are your answers?  Why aren't y'all out there driving for a progressive third party candidate to your taste? Do you just live on this site, or do you have something ACTIONABLE to offer other than your negative comments? What have y'all done to primary the president you hate?

          Why does the Tea Party make you look so defenseless and ineffectual?  God, what a bunch of wussies you are.  I don't hear ANY news of the likes of you doing the hard work.  I only hear y'all whining your heads off here.

          For myself, I'm sticking with Obama, despite my disagreements with him.  So it's up to you to make the difference you demand, on your time schedule, to create "the change" you think is so easy.

          I'm not holding my breath waiting for any of you to do more than whine.

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