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  •  I've never really figured Group out and there are (1+ / 0-)
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    not any detailed instructions that I have found even in FAQ

    I don't know if anyone can join any group or if you have to petition to join and then I don't know what membership means or requires. The only way I managed to join the group I'm in is that I made a plaintive little post on another diary, and the editor was kind enough to contact me.  

    I wondered if there were any news groups - that just posted and commented on events as they occur. I got a "no matches", so I guess not.

    I only really found out today that everything posted in a group goes to the front page, which I was relieved to hear, I thought I was missing 90% of what goes on.

    I really hate the long pointless discussions about HRating and wish all posts like that would be hidden automatically because they detract from and hijack the diaries where this occurs

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