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  •  the fact that he has done some right things (4+ / 0-)

    doesn't negate the issue of the illegal acts.

    If any rendition and holding of people who are not allowed representation and human rights protections is going on, it's a travesty. And there is still plenty going on.

    Not to mention that his DOJ fought for increasing the breaches of Miranda in wiretapping. And other things I can't recall now because I have a brain of mush after falling down the stairs and I think just broke my toe.  :-(  But, I do remember being very angry at what Obama's DOJ has been fighting for in the courts.

    •  I'm not happy about everything that this (2+ / 0-)
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      Garrett, JustJennifer

      administration does in regards to civil rights, but I think that the attacks by G. Greenwald are often overblown and seeking to find fault at the expense of objectivity.

      This administration was left a huge pile of shit with all the people that the Bush Admin imprisoned.   See my link in other comment about the wingers freaking out because the Obama Administration is bringingterrorist suspects in for civilian trial in the U.S.

      Go see a doctor, please, and make sure that you did not hurt your head too bad and that that toe is ok.  Your health is more important than a discussion on DKos with me.

      "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle" - Mohammed Nabbous, R.I.P.

      by Lawrence on Mon Jul 18, 2011 at 08:29:52 PM PDT

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    •  The interrogation standard, as another example (2+ / 0-)
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      JustJennifer, Robobagpiper

      The interrogation standard we have is a Bush-era one, drawn up explicitly for use outside the Geneva Conventions. It has, in its title, "Restricted Techniques."

      Because we understand that DOD will not allow use of these techniques on any detainee entitled to the protections of the Geneva Conventions, we need not access whether the techniques comport with the substantive standards that the Conventions impose

      Steven Bradbury, 2006

      So, we now admit that the Conventions apply, but are using techniques that the Conventions disallow. They are hoping that no court will ever call them on it.

      This is very risky, in a very bad way. The political implications of the Administration being called, by an official court ruling, on the fact that it claims to apply the Geneva Conventions, but does not, should be clear.

      They have got the use of obstacles -- State Secrets, habeas restrictions, a practice of judicial deference to the Executive on national security, and the like -- to try to prevent it. But their attitude must be just like the early Bush-era one:  We will probably get away with it.

      And all to keep the use of isolation/breakdown methods that are known not to work.

    •  And conditions of confinement, as another (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      JustJennifer, Robobagpiper

      The administration uses POW-like justifications at the base of the justification for the indefinite detention power. Courts have sometimes telegraphed nearly a desire, to be allowed to use straight out Prisoner of War frameworks in their decisions.  

      Well, if a court should ever decide to take the Administration's logic to its natural conclusion, and apply a Prisoner of War framework, our 10 years use of very very clearly outlawed conditions of confinement, suddenly crashes. With, again, very bad political implications. And, again, with no good reason for our practices.

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