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View Diary: Joe Paterno: Tax the Rich, please (36 comments)

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  •  Joe Paterno is a Republican fossil, NOT a rethug. (9+ / 0-)

    The Paternos donated millions to Penn State to expand the wonderful Pattee Library so a section of the school's library is named in their honor.

    I'm glad to see that he's a compassionate (moderate) Republican, a critter soon to be extinct and forgotten.

    Tuition is ridiculous there now and so is housing.

    There was controversy over the secrecy of JoePa's salary when tuition costs started to rise dramatically a few years ago at Penn State.  
    Since JoePa was paid with taxpayers' money , the taxpayers felt they had a right to knowwhat the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was paying the superstar football coach.

    When I went there in the 1970s, I paid $300/yr. tuition to $600/yr. tuition and rented single rooms in rundown tentaments for about $900/yr. (! school yr. = 3 terms = 9 months).
    I was lucky to get scholarships to help with the expenses
    Now tuition is about $16,000/yr. and housing is so ridiculous that I could never dream of going there today.

    (I had the pleasure of meeting and briefly talking with Coach Paterno.  For everyone's information, he is about 6'3" and 200+ lbs like you'd expect a Brown U. quarterback to be.   His size is deceptive when standing next to his players -- he's not a little old short Sicilian man like he appears to be.  
    And Coach Paterno is a man of impeccable integrity, a fact borne out by the sanction-free Division 1 NCAA football program he runs.  He concerns himself with the moral and intellectual development of young men before winning football games, and his values attract outstanding student athletes who perform in the classroom a well a on the athletic field.
    He is an exceptional Republican, an old school compassionate one which will be going the way of the dinosaurs.)

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