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View Diary: Wrapped in The Flag, Carrying a Bible and a Tea Bag; FASCISM Has Arrived (40 comments)

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  •  FG, fascism creeps into a country in many years (2+ / 0-)
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    JonBarleycorn, FG

    It's sometimes a long process.  I argue that during the 2000's the infrastructure for the eventual implementation of fascism was put into place in the form of legislation like the Patriot Act, which curtailed long-established constitutional protections, including Habeas Corpus, and privacy rights.

    Draconian laws allowing the State to detain people indefinitely, label them enemy combatants, assassinate them without due process, wiretapping and surveillance, charge whistle blowers with espionage, and the like, will be used against American citizens.

    That situation, coupled with the increased influenced by corporatists think tanks and groups like ALEC, in our entire government, and their links to extreme right wing religious organizations create the perfect environment for the establishment of fascism.

    I argue that all those things are coming together now in the country, in what I call a nascent neo-fascist State.

    At this stage you don't necessarily see widespread abuses, like jack booted thugs hauling you off in the middle of the night.

    But you see cases like that of former National Security Agency employee Thomas Drake, who was "accused of being an enemy of the state. He says he was just a whistleblower. He went to a reporter with evidence of waste, fraud and abuse, and it all has to do with a domestic surveillance data-mining program."

    So as the fascist consolidate power, you'll see them attacking the constitutional protections, charging people with espionage, with aiding and abating terrorism, and enacting more and more repressive and oppressive legislation.

    I argue that we are now entering the stage of implementation of the neo-fascist State.  But it will take a little more time for many people to realize it.  And millions others will never see it, as is usually the case.

    •  So essentially Patriot act. It does make some (1+ / 0-)
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      Ray Pensador

      sense. But it was 10 years ago. ALEC is nothing new, it's the same stuff that Republicans have been pushing for decades.

      •  I'll leave you with this: (1+ / 0-)
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        First, take some time to read this essay by Sara Robinson: "Is the U.S. on the Brink of Fascism?"



        'Song of Choice' by Peggy Seeger

        Early every year the seeds are growing
        Unseen, unheard they lie beneath the ground
        Would you know before their leaves are showing
        That with weeds all your garden will abound?
        If you close your eyes, stop your ears
        Shut your mouth then how can you know ?
        For seeds you cannot hear may not be there
        Seeds you cannot see may never grow

        In January you've still got the choice
        You can cut the weeds before they start to bud
        If you leave them to grow high they'll silence your voice
        And in December you may pay with your blood

        So close your eyes, stop your ears,
        Shut your mouth and take it slow
        Let others take the lead and you bring up the rear
        And later you can say you didn't know

        Every day another vulture takes flight
        There's another danger born every morning
        In the darkness of your blindness the beast will learn to bite
        How can you fight if you can't recognise a warning?

        Today you may earn a living wage
        Tomorrow you may be on the dole
        Though there's millions going hungry you needn't disengage
        For it's them, not you, that's fallen in the hole

        It's alright for you if you run with the pack
        It's alright if you agree with all they do
        If fascism is slowly climbing back
        It's not here yet so what's it got to do with you?

        The weeds are all around us and they're growing
        It'll soon be too late for the knife
        If you leave them on the wind that around the world is blowing
        You may pay for your silence with your life

        So close your eyes, stop your ears,
        Shut your mouth and never dare
        And if it happens here they'll never come for you
        Because they'll know you really didn't care

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