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View Diary: In defense of 20-something progressive bloggers like myself (132 comments)

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  •  The Right wing noise machine has drowned out all (1+ / 0-)
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    common sense and sense of history for a majority of Americans, and I for one am inclined to cut people a bit of slack for that. Especially folks who were born after Reagan et al dismantled the unions! The immense power of the Right should never be underestimated. It's fine if you have managed to acquire and maintain your knowledge, but it's hidden away and not in the textbooks any more (if it ever was!).

    So be self-righteous, ok, but please acknowledge that the blogger is working to improve his understanding and that of others- and it's a real struggle, so, again, cut him some slack!

    •  I'm with Philoguy on this one. (1+ / 0-)
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      I do not think Philoguy is being self-righteous. And I honestly cannot believe how often people will use the term "self-righteous" without ever actually telling us what they believe a righteous person is.

      I'm constantly being accused of being "self righteous", as if caring about the future of this planet and her species is something to be ashamed about. As if being informed about the horrible decisions being made on a daily basis in the halls of power around this country and being outraged by those decisions is something to be hidden, lest a stranger accuses you of being "Self righteous."

      "Self-righteous" has become a derogatory slur used against those who choose to care and are vocal about it, rather than being used to correctly describe someone who takes the mantle of moral high ground when in fact they are wallowing in a pit of sin or immorality.

      Being critical, as Philoguy is, is a necessary part of life. You learn by making mistakes. If we continually put our back up to the wall and shout "who are you to tell me anything!" then we never learn and grow.

      Somehow the ability of many Americans to take criticism and realize that they are, in fact, wrong, has been compromised. There are facts in this world and people do need to take responsibility.

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