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  •  Thanks Kitty for seeing through the fog (0+ / 0-)

    The deal that looks will most likely pass rewards Tea Party obstinence.  It encourages them to do it again.   And guess what, they absolutely will.

    The most interesting question to me is what would have happened if Democrats would have made the same type of immovable stance on some issue while they held all branches from 2008-2010.  (Its pretty clear that in Rs get in the same situation they won't let the opportunity pass).

    We will never know.  But frankly, maybe the reason it works for Republicans because there are a large number of Democrats basically agree more with the tea party than us?

    It isn't a pretty picture out there.

    There are only two solutions I see.  1. Massive campaign finance reform (doubtful).  2.  The pain of local -> state -> national primaries until progressives lead the party.  But that battle will certainly take a lot of persistence and there will be some pain in the interim.

    "But once John Boehner is sworn in as Speaker, then he’s going to have responsibilities to govern. You can’t just stand on the sidelines and be a bomb thrower." - President Obama, 12-07-2010

    by justmy2 on Tue Jul 19, 2011 at 05:37:41 AM PDT

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