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  •  Thank You, Bernie! (5+ / 0-)
    I wish I could tell you, in the midst of all of this, that President Obama was waging the kind of fight against these draconian Republican proposals that the American people would like to see.  He is not.

    Thanks for saying the things that we will never hear from Obama. Despite his rhetoric,
    he's proven by his actions that he's not a fighter for the poor or the middle class - he's a fighter for the status quo, for the rich and powerful.

    He lied his way into the White House, something I will never forgive.

    I won't be fooled again.

    •  more obama supporters need to be (5+ / 0-)

      convinced that he lied about everything and is not on our side. There are a lot of things that need to happen before we can recover from this depression. Full investigations and prosecutions of wall st are one thing. Forgiveness of debt brought on by fraud is another. Dropping support of known liars is also one.

      •  The president did not (5+ / 0-)

        "lie about everything."  I am a gay disabled Vietnam veteran.  Thanks to president Obama's administration and the president himself, DADT repeal happened and gays are serving (within days) openly in the US Armed Forces.  I personally benefitted (after a six year fight all the way to the Veteran's Appeals Court  in Washington, D.C.) from the president's new rules (implemented last Fall) favoring veterans who are claiming disability due to PTSD/MST.  

        I am thankful for all of that, and more.  Nonetheless, I support Senator Bernie Sanders with all my heart.  I am basically a Socialist as in European Socialist with a firm belief in Social Democracy and the welfare state.  I personally saw how the people in Belgium, France, the Netherlands  (all, poor, old, disabled as well as the rich and beautiful) lived lives in dignity and without the threat of bankruptcy.  Something has gone terribly wrong in the United States.  I fear we are beyond recovery and that the American Experiment may be over.

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