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View Diary: Who is Buying News Corp Stock? (43 comments)

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  •  the buyback does 2 things... (1+ / 0-)
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    Curt Matlock

    it provides murdoch with a little more insulation against a shareholder revolt and it generally makes shareholders less likely to revolt in the first place. They just take his money and get the hell out of dodge, which leaves a company with a more concentrated ownership of murdoch family members and the like minded.


    What I haven't heard asked (I waited a day) and finally asked myself (nobody offered an answer) is are we going to continue considering news just another corporate "product" or try and restore it as a vital part of democracy?

    Trying to have it both ways is how we got stuck with murdoch in the first place.

    "The cure for bullshit is fieldwork."
    Robert H. Bates, Eaton Professor of the Science of Government, Harvard University.

    by papicek on Wed Jul 20, 2011 at 11:01:21 AM PDT

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