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View Diary: WOW! Simple wording change dramatically increases voter turnout (196 comments)

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  •  Having read some Malcolm Gladwell (12+ / 0-)

    I think these small changes are very important. Probable one wording keeps it as an abstract concept while one is an actual call to action. Gladwell had an anecdote in one of his books (The Tipping Point, I think) about a restaurant who wanted to try to eliminate people bailing on reservations, realizing how much is was costing them. A tiny word change such as this, asking people to call if they wanted to cancel, got more people to either show up to bother to call if cancelling which greatly helped the restaurant. Marketers and social psychologists do this stuff all the time but it seems like the modern Democratic Party is ignorant of this burgeoning field of science. I hope lost of people read this and wake up and realize that sometimes it's not about grand marketing scheme but simple yet affective changes that don't even cost much money or take much time or effort.

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