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    But we don't need to worry about that. I cannot plumb the depths of obama's mind, nor have I the slightest desire to, but anybody that has ever spent any time in the company of malicious people should feel something familiar in obama. He is a liar. And a practiced, polished, and effortless liar at that. And that casts out any doubt as to obama's motivations. Altruism is as foreign to Obama as breathing molten sodium. He's in it for himself and anyone else that can help him, to the exact degree that they can help him. If anyone else along the way gets a windfall, he'll just make a note to be more careful next time. Nobody- women, the poor, blacks, even his own relatives- gets anything other than the pieces too small for obama to circle back to pick up.

    "It depends what the meaning of 'is', is"
    Platform of the "New" Neoliberal Democratic Party
    Speaking out of one side of their mouth for the little guy, their nominal constituency, and the other for the plutoocracy, their real constituency.

    by Sanctimonious on Tue Jul 19, 2011 at 06:34:18 PM PDT

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