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  •  IMF Article IV Consultation (7+ / 0-)

    See this oldy:

    From the IMF press release from just after the they concluded the "Article IV Consultation" [emphasis mine]:
    While fiscal stimulus is providing well-targeted support to aggregate demand at a critical time, Directors underscored that medium-term fiscal challenges limit the room for further initiatives. Automatic stabilizers should be allowed to operate, and, in the face of looming fiscal challenges that require medium-term fiscal consolidation and reform of unsustainable entitlement programs, any further fiscal action—were it to become necessary—should focus on direct support to housing and financial markets.

    This is all part and parcel of doing to us what has been done to nearly every 3rd world country since the IMF was established. Those pretty words up there are the IMF's way of saying we should implement "austerity measures." The "unsustainable entitlement programs" are things we know by other names: social security, medicare, medicaid, student loans, veteran's benefits, and so on. Kiss 'em all goodbye.

    You may be able to outrun your friend for the moment, but the grizzly named "Avarice" *always* has plenty of appetite for you both...

    by radical simplicity on Tue Jul 19, 2011 at 10:34:49 PM PDT

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