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    I'm sick of hearing that "This is a Christian country," immediately followed by, "Cut all of the programs that aid the sick, poor, youth and elderly." I'm quite sure Jesus never said anything about the Devil taking the hindmost.  On the contrary, Christianity, like most other religions, teaches charity toward those who have been less fortunate.  Why have Christian leaders been so silent on this?

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      As I recall, in the South, it started with Jim and Tammy Baker.  They had one of the first evangelical broadcasts on TV and had a huge compound near Charlotte, NC.  One of the things they used to to like to say was not to just pray for a Cadillac but to pray, tell God, what color you wanted that Cadillac to be.  I remember folk would sell everything they owned, having donated proceeds to the Baker group (People that Love), and would arrive, entire families, in their stations wagons just expecting to be received at this gated compound.  They would of course not be let in and often were penniless.  The Bakers were known for their expensive dinners out, dripping in jewelry, but nothing stopped the faithful from giving them their last dollar.  They were eventually brought down by their own people, business partners, but the damage was done.  From then to now these evangelicals have had a striving business selling favor with God.  If you just believe and give as you should then you will be rewarded.  Poor people are poor because they are bad or don't believe.  You are special to God for your unquestioning belief and resistence to forces that might cause you to question anything you are told.  Compassion is not part of their creed unless, of course, it is poor starving black children in some far away land; these are heathens that know no better.   Americans are exceptional and blessed and anyone not blessed here is just not Godly.  Here, in the USA, if you are poor or sick then most probably you are scamming the system or you brought it upon yourself.  

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