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  •  Rethugs & Teabaggers = Predatory Animals (7+ / 0-)

    Isn't it ironic that rethugs and teabaggers practice social Darwinism but claim to disbelieve evolution as postulated by Charles Darwin.

    1).  End the $106,800 cap on Social Security taxable income and use a means test to pay it out -- the richest Amerikans will get their bowels in an uproar because they have to pay for something that only the downtrodden will be able to qualify to collect when they retire.  
    This will allow the working class to enjoy a little dignity when they retire and promote a healthy economy since seniors will spend most of their Social Security money circulating it giving it the multiplier affect.  
    Lots of financial bang for the buck -- good investment.

    2).  End Big Pharma's corporate welfare checks/taxpayers' subsidies for drug research and development since they aren't appreciative enough for that obscene amount of money they receive to discount the price of drugs they make and market here in this country.  
    Gouging consumers who foot the bill for drug research and development with their taxes should have adverse consequences for the GREEDmongers.

    3).  SINGLE PAYER Medicare for All is the Most Fiscally Responsible way to provide the country with health care.
    The poorest Americans and the president should have access the same quality medical care.

    Big Insurance will get bent out of shape because Single Payer Medicare for All would be the GREEDmongers' demise.

    To pay for it, the federal government needs to:

    a). Tax Fortune 500 corporations like GE, ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, etc. which not only pay ZERO income taxes on money they earn in this country but get obscene tax refunds in the billions which they don't need;

    b). Close tax loopholes for corporate jets ,etc.;

    c). End the $21, 000,000,00.00 taxpayer subsidies for Big Oil because they don't need them due to the fact that they are raking in record profits of tens of billions of dollars per quarter making them the richest, most profitable businesses entities in the history of the world

    d). End the UNFUNDED wars because borrowing $1,000,000.00/soldier/year  x [(50,000 soldiers in Iraq + 100,000 soldiers in Afghanistan)] from China isn't cool (The rich were previously taxed to finance war since they wouldn't send their kids to be cannon fodder.).

    Health care should be a Constitutional and civil right since it is a necessity, especially with all of the toxic chemicals contaminating our drinking water, air, and soil.  
    Most of us can expect to get cancer in our lifetimes.

    e). End the UNFUNDED Bush/Cheney Tax Cuts for Billionaires and Multi-Millionaires because that single act of fiscal assholishness put us in the economic toilet bowl.
    Borrowing trillions of dollars from China to hand over to the richest 2% of Americans is grounds for involuntary commitment to a mental institution or a deliberate, treasonous strategy to sink the country.
    (Even some of the rich rethugs now want their income taxes raised to avoid a potentially ugly repeat of history when income disparity gets too out of whack.)

    f). Criminally prosecute the rich (corporations and individuals) and their bankers who are hiding wealth in offshore tax havens and evading taxes.
    (UBS Swiss Bank alone had 52,000 clients who owed the US government $18,000,000,000.00 in taxes, but Obama and Holder let it slide.)

    g). Criminally prosecute Obama's thieving Wall Street "savvy businessmen" buddies under the RICO statute and seize their ill-gotten gains under the forfeiture laws.  
    Obscene amounts of wealth could be confiscated from the Wall Street thieves under the racketeering statute.
    (Abacus' John Paulson, the inventor and short-seller of "SHITTY Product" with Goldman Sachs should be doing the lifelong world prison tour with Lloyd Blankfein "doing GOD's work.)  

    Wall Street's AAA-rated bundled subprime mortgage-backed CDO trash (referred to as "SHITTY Product" in Goldman Sachs' internal e-mails) was unloaded on unsuspecting suckers who were deceived into believing that the junk CDOs were treasure by the AAA-rating which was bought from the bond rating agencies like Fitch's, Moody's, and Standard & Poor's.
    (AAA-rated"SHITTY Product" is not only a prima facie case against the banksters, it's proof beyond a reasonable doubt of megafraud, deceptive business practices, and racketeering.)

    There's NO need to cut Social Security, Medicare,  Medicaid, or any other social program which help the poor.
    (I loved Ted Kennedy screaming on the senate floor at rethugs years ago about their shameless GREED and Selfishness.)

    **(Wars, Prisons, & Health Care should NEVER be for-profit businesses!)

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